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The power of graphics
Little Fish utilises the power of graphics and quality presentations to bring about good information flow and shared understanding. We create nearly all our graphics ourselves.


Graphics are powerful at creating a common understanding

Why is it that people can be using the same words, talking about the same thing and say they agree, yet leave a conversation and then show by their actions that they haven’t understood one another?

Often people use the same words but may see an entirely different picture. For example we all need to be accountable.

Communication is a lot more than just exchanging words or listening to each other. It is about checking that we understand each other.

When people genuinely understand each other they often say I see what you mean or I hear what you are saying and can put the story into their own words without losing the meaning.

Graphics have the power to improve communications by giving everyone a common reference to start from. Building this common reference is especially important when the various parties don’t speak the same language or work in different fields.

The use of graphics can empower people to participate, communicate and make more informed decisions.

Good quality presentations give graphics their power

Even good quality graphics are not so powerful when they are stand alone. Their real power is brought to light by good presentation.

That’s why we place so much emphasis on working with our partners in supporting them to develop professional presentation skills. People working in remote areas and in cross cultural situations need an extremely high level of communication skills.

Communicating with graphics is actually much trickier than it first seems. Simply using graphics does not enhance communication by default. A picture can be worth a thousand words but it might mean an entirely different bunch of words to what you intended!

Graphics should never be in conflict with the words. If they are, you are better off using just the words alone.

Using graphics is a specialised skill

Presenting quality graphics involves: -

  • Being absolutely clear on the core essence that needs to be communicated.
  • Being familiar with your audience and how they might interpret the graphics.
  • Remembering that quality graphics don’t just replicate the written word or oral presentation, they value add to the story.

Little Fish takes pride in having the expertise in enhancing communication through the professional use of graphics, oral presentations and other quality tools. We take the time in getting to know our clients, their needs and perceptions so that we can inspire understanding between everyone.


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